Janet Yelowchan, LAc, LPC, LAC

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Traditional Chinese Medicine services - acupuncture, herbal formulas, lifestyle and dietary consultations - and psychotherapy from a Buddhist perspective.

Our belief is that dis-comfort and dis-ease are products of imbalance in one's life. Each individual has a personal responsibility to help create and assist in maintaining their own mental and physical health rather than turning the responsibility of their healing over to an outside "expert." We welcome working with anyone who is seriously interested in finding the balance in his/her life.

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Janet Yelowchan


     Janet Yelowchan, LAc, LPC, LAC, graduated from Southwestern College with her Master's in Counseling Psychology and then graduated in 1999 from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine with her Master's in Oriental Medicine. 


     Janet lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her 3 dogs and one cat. She has been doing Tibetan Buddhist meditation for over 47 years and calls the Dalai Lama her primary teacher.


     Along with working at Poudre Valley Hospital as Oncology Counselor and running her private practice, Janet gardens, knits, struggles with technology.


     Janet believes that having a Good Heart and seeing emptiness directly are the goals for her life.



Mr D (2001-2015) at Kagyu Shenpen Kunchab 


     My psychotherapy incorporates the Buddhist ideas of the cause of mental suffering (the four noble truths) and the notions that attachment, permanence, and clinging to notions of self are the perpetrating forces of mental suffering.

     I have a strong commitment to empowering the person to become aware of processes that create mental distress and those activities and processes which alleviate those stressors.

Telehealth sessions available.




Chinese Herbs

Acupuncture in general is calming, balancing, and helps a great deal with stress. From a Western perspective, it stimulates the release of serotonin and endorphins. These neurotransmitters are responsible for emotional and mental health, and healthy sleep patterns

Over 25% of modern medicines are derived from plants- Chinese herbology uses these same plants, only whole or minimally processed, so that they can be properly assimilated and keep the patient free of side effects..


  I use a range of Buddhist inspired meditation practices to alleviate emotional distress: insight and mindfulness practices, as well as practices in compassion and loving-kindness.


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