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Chinese herbs

Chinese herbology is the science of combining plants or other substances for healing that has been developed over the last 5000 years in the East. What began as trial and error or perhaps shamanic explorations has become the realm of modern medical science. In China today, herbs are decocted for patients in hospitals to act in unison with drugs and other Western interventions. Chinese herbs reduce the side effects and the necessary dosage of medications, providing a synergistic, cost-effective and less invasive solution to management with just medications alone.

Over 25% of modern medicines are derived from plants- Chinese herbology uses these same plants, only whole or minimally processed, so that they can be properly assimilated and keep the patient free of side effects. Side effects can occasionally occur, but are much milder than in case of medications. Although the ancient Chinese utilized up to 9000 substances in their materia medica, today we use between 100 and 400 individual herbs to create a Chinese herbal formula, custom tailored for each patient's individual needs.


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